About the Making of Relax and Dream

Three years in the making, Relax and Dream was inspired by Kate Murdoch’s music work at the bedsides of sick babies and children in hospital, and the need for connection with the natural environment and soothing sounds whilst undergoing treatment. You can watch the 7-min ‘Making of’ documentary here, which includes behind-the-scenes footage of the production journey and interviews with clinical staff at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton about the need for the project. For further details about the R&D production team, please visit the ‘Credits’ track page.

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The R&D Team


Kate Murdoch specialises in music for wellbeing as a creative musician and trainer, and has been working in healthcare settings over the past nine years. She uses ilimba (a Tanzanian harp-like instrument) and voice as the basis of her work. The ilimba themes included in R&D were all created in the film locations. She is currently developing new projects to help reconnect people with the natural environment and to promote relaxation

Making of 01


Gani Naylor is a filmmaker, storyteller and social artist. He uses his artistic eye and skill in photography and editing to share moments of beauty and inspire wonder and communion with nature. Gani’s interests include travel, surfing, and singing songs in wild places. Raised in Cornwall, California and Hawaii he now resides in the rolling hills of the Sussex Downs

Gani in New York original


Cosmo Sheldrake is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer. He is an inspirational singer and improviser, and much of his work is concerned with play, nonsense and the sonorous environment. Cosmo composes music for film and theatre and tours internationally, and has facilitated music workshops, youth empowerment and nature awareness camps in both Europe and North America

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Original DVD cover artwork by Stephen Meakin www.geometry-sacred.com

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